• Gunja (Ratti) Lep and Oil Pack for Hair Regrowth
  • Gunja (Ratti) Lep and Oil Pack for Hair Regrowth
  • Gunja (Ratti) Lep and Oil Pack for Hair Regrowth
Gunja (Ratti) Lep and Oil Pack for Hair Regrowth

Gunja (Ratti) Lep and Oil Pack for Hair Regrowth (150.00 gm)

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Product Description
Product description
  • GUNJA (Ratti) LEP and Oil for Hair Regrowth:

    Abrus precatorius GUNJA (Ratti) is a branched climbing undershurb and it is widely distributed in the Himalayas in India. The seeds of Abrus precatorius are recommended for alopecia in traditional and folklore medicines. 

    It was observed that hair growth initiation time, completion time, hair length, hair follicle density and anagenic percent in the test group animals was comparable with that of minoxidil treated animals and oil also shows antifungal effect as compared with standard drug Itraconazole.

    Conclusively the study revealed that seed oil of A.precatorius is a potent hair growth promoter and also posses antifungal effect which supports traditional claim.

    Type of Gunja:

    • Botanical name: Abrus precatorius
    • Family name: Fabaceae
    • Common names: Jequirity bean, Rosary pea, Precatory bean, Crab’s eye, GunjaMulatiRati, Buddist rosary beeds, Indian liquorice root 
    • Sanskrit name: Raktika, Gunja, Kakananti
    • Parts used: Seeds, roots, leaves
    • Geographical distribution: Ratti is native to India and is found all over the Indian plains and in the Himalayas. It also grows in Ceylon, China, South Africa, Brazil and the West Indies.


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Dr. Prescription for this medicine

According to the modern science the need of activation of the hair follicles through induction of mild irritant contact dermatitis is necessary in this disease for regeneration and growth of hair with its inherent properties.

PRECAUTION: There is always a fear of inducing scarring gunja seeds because of its poisonous Toxicity behaviour.

Note: Only for external uses . please wash hand after use.

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